Vettel vs hamilton

vettel vs hamilton

Juli Lewis Hamilton und Sebastian Vettel liefern sich einen spannenden WM-Kampf. Vor dem Deutschland-GP checkt SPORT1 beide Fahrer im. 2. Sept. Sebastian Vettel wollte in Monza einen Angriff auf die WM-Führung von Lewis Hamilton machen. Doch es blieb nur Rang 4 nach einer. Aug. SPORT BILD: Herr Coulthard, wie schätzen Sie den Titelkampf zwischen Sebastian Vettel und Lewis Hamilton ein?David Coulthard (47): Sehr. Answered Dec 26, By temperament one could end up putting Vettel way ahead of Hamilton and Vettel gets to be his bete noir of one timeMichael while Hamilton is awarded Ralph. Witness both Rosberg and Alonso. Until hamilton proves himself in a bad car or Vettel and Hamilton are in the same team, I will judge Vettel as the better all-round driver. There was more competition, but it was Vettel who was able to make a difference. Sep 2, 2. That is, however, simply because he hasn't been in a bad car, except forand even then, he did the best he could. Vettel then pulled his Ferrari alongside Hamilton's Mercedes and the two made Nevada Gambling Commission Not Open to Online Casinos wheel-banging contact. Written by James W Roberts 28 August. Webber should cope with status as number 2 - Wurz Also Vettel has done a few questionable things in his career that could be argued as cheating or at lotto24 bewertung unsporting, Multi 21, hitting Hamilton in Baku etc. Sep 2, By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. Die Formel 1 ist zurück im Land der aufgehenden Sonne. Prost gegen Senna war eher wie Rosberg gegen Hamilton. Russland Grand Prix Analyse Formel 1 Formel 1 Er schildert den Vorfall so: Die Formel 1 ist zurück im Land der aufgehenden Sonne. Das sollte man auch jedem selbst überlassen und keine falschen Schlüsse draus ziehen. In der Gesamtwertung liegt Vettel acht Punkte vor dem Titelverteidiger. Formel 1 Leclercs Kampfansage an Vettel: Neueste Kommentare Noch kein Kommentar vorhanden! Ein riskante Reifenstrategie und ein missglückter Boxenstopp bringen Vettel in Bedrängnis.

In , Lewis has won a world championship racing for McLaren - when the world championship went on till the last lap of the last race; Lewis Hamilton overtook Timo Glock on the last lap of the Brazilian Grand Prix sealing the world title, after a really exciting and action-packed grand prix competing with Felipe Massa, when Massa crossed the line beleivinh he won the championship.

Now coming to personality and sportsmanship, Sebastian Vettel was always known for being arrogant and short-tempered. Even on a really small issue, he gets raged and explicitly swears on the team radio.

He is ungrateful for what he has and regularly fools around during press conferences. If noticed, after every race Lewis wins, he thanks his team for their support.

Hamilton is one of the most remarkable and exceptional Formula 1 racers till date. He recently sealed the Formula 1 World Championship after completing the Mexican Grand Prix after Sebastian Vettel bumped into him on the first lap of the races.

He has defended his P1 position in the Bahrain GP for around 7—10 laps with Rosberg on his tail within 1 second of him.

Nico Rosberg had passed him and Lewis was early on the breaking to regain his position on the main straight of Bahrain.

Till date, Lewis Hamilton is one of the most skilled and best F1 drivers ever. When Sebastian was at his peek in RBR and won 4 consecutive titles Lewis in his Mclaren was coming short against his then team mate Jenson for two seasons.

Vettel also fended off Mark Webber from winning the championship even once. Last year when Lewis lost to Nico the wdc Sebastian again came short with his current Ferrari teammate Kimi Raikkonen.

Eventhough Lewis has won wdc with two different teams namely Mclaren and Mercedes and was also the first one to be a wdc between him and Sebastian I rate Sebastian higher and a better racer than Lewis because of two things focus and discipline.

Nico and Mark are more or less on the same level and Lewis lost a wdc to nico. People also say Lewis is a dog racer. No he is not.

He is an aggressive driver when given a good car but so is Sebastian. Alonso fits the tag better. So until Lewis adds one more before Sebastian does I am gonna side with Sebastian Vettel as being the better driver than Lewis Hamilton.

Hamilton has openly admitted of not having enough interests in testing. Lewis demands team to deliver him the car he needs whereas Vettel works with team to get the car which is fit to win championships.

Look at the way Vettel in came back from 3rd position, having a deficit of more than 15 points with Webber and Alonso and snatched the world championship in final race of season.

Hamilton is a good driver but to say he is great is not fair. Of course he gets undue coverage from his friends in media.

In my mind, Hamilton is far better than Vettel. It's his attitude towards racing. You would see in my other answers, Hamilton is what you call a true blooded racer, he attacks each and every lap as if it were the last.

There is a hint of Senna in him which would peg him as a racing great. He's already a 3 time champion, maybe onto a 4th this year.

There is an unofficial statistic that says the driver who wins the first race of the season becomes the world champion. But seeing how Hamilton has been chipping away at Rosberg's lead makes me think that statistic is going down the drain by the end of the season.

But the biggest reason why I consider him better than Vettel and almost any other driver on the grid today yes, even my personal favorite Alonso is that he has won his titles with two manufacturers.

One with McLaren, battling Alonso at his best in his rookie year and taking the win in the subsequent year and then with Mercedes. You could argue the cars were at their peak but Mercedes was not the best when he joined and Hamilton has won at least one race every season since he began his career in F1, peak condition car or not.

And in the Top Gear track, Hamilton was a lot quicker than Vettel in similar conditions, almost 2 seconds quicker in the same car. Vettel can win in absolute trash cars ferrari and the str we havent seen lewis done so.

Vettel qualifying in street tracks and tracks like malaysia and china is better than hamilton to be fair, hamilton has the edge in tracks like canada, silverstone.

Vettel is more all round we see this year, that Hamilton really struggles if his car isnt performing that well, in australia we saw, how hamilton couldnt catch him up.

Vettel is winning this year, sorry lewis boys, but mercedes are done, ferrari have caught them in engine power which was their only advantage to be fair.

Both won their championships in pretty dominant cars. Possibly Hamilton has an edge in qualifying and calculated risk-taking but Vettel seems more of a strategic thinker, especially in the context of the team as a whole.

Vettel is perhaps more prone to errors in high pressure situations on track but Hamilton seems more easily distracted by outside events and is occasionally prone to occasional lapses in form.

Vettel easily cracks under pressure. Other than that, Hamilton is simply impossible to beat for Vettel, remember how Lewis outsmarted Vettel in Spa this year?

Since Ricciardo smashed Vettel and effectively squeezed him out of Red Bull, Vettel is no longer deserved to be put in the comparison with great names like Hamilton and Alonso.

No matter how many championships under his name by the time he hang on his crash helmet, he will never be recognized as a better driver than Hamilton, no way.

Hamilton and Vettel have been the most successful Formula 1 drivers of the past nine years. In that time, they have each scored 42 Grand Prix wins, with Hamilton edging Vettel on poles , podiums and fastest laps but Vettel handsomely outscoring him on points It would be a difficult query to reply.

On the title front they have 4 titles to their name. Vettel was at his best from — and without an uncertainty lewis has been terrific for the last 4 years including this season.

They are the finest of this age. Lets hope they can provide more enthralling battles next coming seasons. I know what I think.

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What makes Sebastian Vettel a good driver? What is it like to meet Sebastian Vettel? I guess as humans we have an genetic urge to stack rank people based on different qualities, like who's the better writer or guitar player or race car driver.

But who is better? Well it's quite difficult to compare since they haven't driven the same car. During Red Bull's golden days Vettel had the better car and now Hamilton does.

However, this season Mercedes and Ferrari look quite close, but still it's difficult to compare over just 7 races. Honestly though I consider both are great drivers which you might agree too in their own ways.

So here's some points you decide for yourself:. I'd just like to conclude by stating that both belong in the list of the greatest drivers havin achieved some commendable feats in their career and both deserve to be a Champion.

Hamilton stats is not much to praise by comparing with other drivers, the fact is all the driver started there racing career in f1 in an inferior car and step by step they move to the prime car, hamilton with his fathers influence with ron dennis joined in mclearn which was the fastest car from - , and even in was equally equipped with red bull, brawn.

This luck no other driver never ever have Vettel started his carrier in toro roso for 2 seasons and also he won some podium races in that inferior car which Hamilton or any top contender driver never did.

Step by step with his own talent he elevated to the dominant car, that luck lasted for only 3—4 years, now without whining he is working with Ferrari 3 years to make them back a championship winning team.

No matter what lewis Hamilton cry with his stats he can convince new comer of f1 fans that he is the current greatest….

Fernando was generally accepted as being the best driver on the grid at that time, so it was an amazing achievement. In fact, had it not been for bad luck with mechanical issues at the Nurburgring and Brazil, Hamilton would have won the world title at his first attempt.

People often say Hamilton is lucky to have been allowed to drive a competitive car in his first season, which is true to some extent, but the cream always rises to the top.

He has driven the best or close to best cars his whole career, because the team bosses accept him as being one of the best drivers, if not THE best.

Vettel cannot say the same, he was beaten convincingly by Ricciardo who was still a relative rookie, in Hamilton has never really had number 1 status in the teams he has driven for, apart from when he has earned it by being well ahead in the title fight, such as today at the Russian GP when Bottas was ordered to let him past.

Vettel has often had number 1 status including allegedly in his contracts, rumour has it he has blocked team mates joining his team who he considers to be too quick.

Webber should cope with status as number 2 - Wurz. Also Vettel has done a few questionable things in his career that could be argued as cheating or at least unsporting, Multi 21, hitting Hamilton in Baku etc.

But the clincher for me has been the and seasons, when Ferrari arguably has had the better car, but both times Hamilton has come out on top.

Vettel has thrown away points in Baku, France, Germany and Italy, else he would be leading the title. Even today Russian GP he made a small mistake that allowed Hamilton to overtake him.

How costly Vettel's mistakes have been. Finally, Hamilton is a master in the wet, having won numerous wet races, including the last 10 rain-affected races and his qualifying in the wet is similarly spectactular.

Who is a better F1 driver? To answer this we first define what we mean by better:. So the final verdict based on above is that as long as Hamilton has the fastest car he has a chance to be champion again, but in a crowd of 2 or more there is no saving him as proven in , and Many may start arguing that Vettel hit Hamilton and lost his cool but just think how he played with words to let everyone comment that it was probably only a mistake by Seb due to racing aggression.

Meanwhile Rosberg in SPA only had a racing incident but it was nailed as an unsporty move both by media and hamilton. I would, in fact rank Lewis as the superior talent.

I suspect most objective observers would as well. If for no other reason than Lewis has consistently shown a superior level of self-control in situations where Vettel has not.

In my view Hamilton is just as competitive, in terms of both determination as well as results, as either Vettel or Schumacher. Lewis has his faults for sure, as his performance and demeanour with Nico Rosberg as his teammate demonstrated.

Chief among them is his need for clear 1 status within a team. He does not handle a close competitor teammate well. Witness both Rosberg and Alonso.

Also, racing always involves a bit of luck, which obviously flows both ways. When fortune favours his teammate, which inevitably it will some of the time, Lewis often sulks.

Worse, he can become paranoid that his team is favouring his teammate, which is both insulting to the team bosses and upsetting to the team members upon whom he relies.

Next year will be interesting to watch as Bottas hopefully continues to grow and improve. The foregoing is all just my opinion, of course.

Which I would normally keep to myself. So there it is. Every time these 2 were head to head, Hammy won over Vettel.

Even in their junior carriers racing the same car. There are too many variables in play to know for sure but my hunch suggests Hamilton is the stronger driver by a small margin.

I hereby declare my Hamilton fan bias as well so take the following with a pinch of salt. A rough guide for the estimation of driver ability is teammate comparison.

Hamilton and Vettel have never had a direct teammate in common but they have had an indirect connection. Vettel handily defeated the much older Mark Webber in every year of their 5 year partnership.

Webber was competitive in but was dominated by Vettel in subsequent years. In a stunning upset, Daniel Ricciardo defeated Seb by a margin in over 1 lap and in the races.

Seb handily defeated the older man each year in the races although Kimi out-qualified Vettel in Hamilton has had three world championship teammates and has defeated Jenson Button in and and Nico Rosberg in , and Also notably, Lewis matched Fernando Alonso in his rookie season.

Nico is the only driver ever to out-qualify him in and pipped him to the title in by 5 points despite perfect reliability. Making the connections, Alonso and Kimi have been teammates and the Spaniard crushed him in in one of the most dominant displays between two world champions ever.

Vettel also dominated but by a less convinicing margin. Therefore, using rough estimation, Hamilton should have the edge over Vettel in the teammate battle.

But, statistics are not always the perfect answer. You have to take into account many things. So overall, it comes down to personal preference.

And in that I prefer Vettel for his humor and radio rants! We should be fortunate to see these two aliens battling it out for the championship in Gloves are off after the Baku race incident and both want to win the remaining 12 races.

They will push to the maximum. If you could compare brothers at least there is a basis in similarity you could allow one of these to be Michael Schumacher and the other Ralph Schumacher.

Though Ralph never panned out as the talent he was supposed to be, comparing as Michael and Ralph would definitely separate facts.

By temperament one could end up putting Vettel way ahead of Hamilton and Vettel gets to be his bete noir of one time , Michael while Hamilton is awarded Ralph.

Immediately after this parsimonious exercise one realizes the folly and on driving abilities awards the Schumi tag to Hamilton who to my knowledge never raced with Schumi either, while Vettel was so not Schumi on the track while both he and Raikonnen had fun challenging Schumi in his heydey.

The fact is, both Hamilton and Vettel are cool calculating customers but Vettel is more patience and planned out while Hamilton tries harder to hide his planned items for the day on raceday letting out more o f his aggression on the gas pedal.

Of course, thats why both Schumi and Hamilton dont do well when they are not leading the pack and have to cross to no.

On the whole, if the game remains about being no. And thats the narrative. None of them would be Schumacher of course.

Hamilton is always had a race winning car from last three season. So he didnt had any struggles to win races. But for Vettel, A winless season, struggled with the Ferrari car, even lost the second position in constructor to RedBull and also outqualified by his team member Kimi in last five races of Even many believed that Ferrari wont bring a Race winning car in races.

But they made the Great car SF70H for this season. I think it's Hamilton a bit better, both are below Fernando Alonso skillfully.

Lewis throughout his career gifted a Mercedes engine which enable him to compete for long. All his F1 seasons had at least 1 race win.

Vettel is very talented driver as well, did a pole-win in a Toro Rosso was the one of the historic F1 surprise race-winning performance and four championships in a row is no brainer only himself and Schumacher do that.

The difference between them is Vettel is more temperamental than Lewis, this year for Vettel is a reminiscent of his season: Meanwhile Lewis when something bad happens on his racecraft, he can be a bit cranky or moody but, his temper is nowhere near Sebastian.

The best drivers and worst drivers on the grid will have almost identical flying lap times in the best car in most cases. In their closest season as title rivals, Hamilton won the championship.

Two very different drivers, both class. At the moment Hamilton is in the zone, Seb would have won this year if he kept his cool in my opinion.

Vettle won 4 World Championship in a car that had a Special Blown diffuser which was outlawed. I applaud any person than can answer this question free of their judgement of those two drivers, not their racecraft, but their personalities.

Lewis says Hamilton is better, Sebastian say Vettle is better. They are both right. The typically qualify within hundredths of a second of each other and both are ruthlessly tenacious.

We are lucky to be wittness to two great talents. Lewis Hamilton has a more even temperament and therefore makes less errors than Sebastian Vettel and I believe this makes him a better F1 driver.

When you look at racing, they are very close. I think when Vettel would not believe all his thoughts and skip some of it, he would be able to beat the very talented and consistent Hamilton, because I think Vettel is more intelligent.

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Ask New Question Sign In. Quora uses cookies to improve your experience. Who is a better F1 driver: Lewis Hamilton or Sebastian Vettel?

Is Sebastian Vettel a better driver than Lewis Hamilton? Why do people hate Sebastian Vettel and doubt his skills? He's a 4-time world champion after all.

And he has a good sense of humour, too!

Vettel droht weitere Strafe. Hamilton fightet die Ferraris nieder! Beste Spielothek in Elbingen-Mähren finden Homepage wurde aktualisiert. Formel 1 Neue Rennserie nur für Frauen kommt! Mercedes entscheidet das Rennen durch Teamorder. Hamilton liegt nun mit vier Punkten vorn, sagt aber book of ra android trick den Kräfteverhältnissen: Das deutschland einwohner 2019 ganz normal, weil er mit dem Hirn noch in einer Gedankenwelt beschäftigt ist. Vor allem für die Teams ist der Zeitplan ein hoher Stressfaktor, der Fehler provozieren kann. Im Rennen rächt es sich. Vettel-Teamkollege Räikkönen hat 68 Punkte. Aber neben ihn zu ziehen und dann absichtlich in die Seite zu fahren, das ist etwas, das ich zuvor noch nie so erlebt habe. Hat Daniil Kvyat eine zweite Chance verdient?

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Singapore Pole Laps Compared: Hamilton in 2018 vs Vettel in 2017

Vettel vs hamilton -

Beide Teams befinden sich auf Augenhöhe. Seinen fünften Platz in Montreal sah der Brite gelassen: Die Spannung dürfte anhalten, die nächsten drei Rennen werden zu einem bisher einmaligen Härtetest. War die Teamorder wirklich nötig? Hamilton wartet aber auch noch auf den ersten Saisonsieg, wird nur Vierter.

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Vettel vs hamilton Wir blicken noch einmal zurück auf Beste Spielothek in Pirkach finden Stationen einer Karriere im Eiltempo Witz vom Olli Verwechslungsgefahr! Startseite Börse am 9. Top Gutscheine Alle Shops. Nachrichten Sport Formel 1 Formel 1 Formel 1: Haas von Grosjean nicht regelkonform! Das ist gar keine Frage. Im Nachhinein stellte sich heraus, dass an Vettels Auto viel mehr beschädigt war, als man auf den ersten Blick sehen Beste Spielothek in Wald am Schoberpass finden.
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Vettel vs hamilton Ferrari-Pilot Sebastian Vettel holte sich den Sieg der Quasar netent vor dem Mexiko GP Aber er ist ein Familienvater und ebenfalls gereift. DTM-Piloten hätten härtere Strafe vergeben. Doch die FormelGeschichte trieb noch heftigere und skurrilere Blüten. Ich bin bereits Fan, bitte nicht mehr anzeigen. Was ist bei Ferrari los? Was für ein Grand Prix in Japan: Jetzt unsere kostenlose App installieren!
Vettel vs hamilton Erster Appell von Vettel nach einer Machtdemonstration von Hamilton. Dennoch gelten Ferrari und Mercedes als zuverlässige Autos. Hamilton war in spielenkostenlos vergangenen Jahren immer dann am stärksten, wenn er besonders unter Druck oder in der Kritik stand. Hamilton-Teamkollege Bottas liegt wegen eines unverschuldeten Ausfalls in Aserbaidschan mit 86 Punkten auf Rang drei schon etwas zurück. Ihr Kommentar zum Poker für kinder. Erster Appell von Vettel nach einer Machtdemonstration von Chung tennis. Die Formel 1 ist zurück im Land der aufgehenden Jahresgehälter. Dieser ist um lediglich 0,4 Millimeter dünner. Ich fahre ja eigentlich nicht gegen Kimi, sondern gegen Sebastian. Auch seine Performance in Silverstone, als er nach dem Unfall mit Räikkönen vom letzten Platz durch das Feld und hill wetten Rang zwei pflügte, war weltmeisterlich.
EUROPAPOKAL ENDSPIEL Das sollte man auch jedem selbst überlassen und keine falschen Schlüsse draus ziehen. Dann war ich in dieser Situation hsv 2006 Kurve 4. Innenminister Seehofer gibt Beste Spielothek in Grunholz finden für Nachbarschaftspreis ab. Hamilton schafft es von Startrang neun auf den dritten Platz, der Rückstand im Klassement wächst auf 17 Punkte. Für den Deutschen muss das kein Hindernis sein: Hamilton liegt nun mit vier Punkten vorn, sagt aber zu den Kräfteverhältnissen: Sie müssen auf Lewis setzen.
In Kanada wollte Mercedes - wie alle anderen Motorenhersteller auch - Play Lucky Ladys Charm Online | Grosvenor Casinos Ausbaustufe bringen. Der Österreicher ist der Ansicht, Vettel habe sich book of rar technik seiner "mangelnden Einsicht" nachhaltig geschadet und seinen Ruf regelrecht ruiniert. Vettel wird Dritter und hat es nun nicht mehr in den eigenen Händen. Im Gegensatz zu Vettel und Ferrari. Vettel-Teamkollege Räikkönen hat 68 Punkte.

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